Experiencing issues?
We are aware that the auto-date functionality not working correctly on a small number of iPad models. In the Settings app, please enable the "Override Date Settings (Not Recommended)" option within the VestiPOS section.

The functionality will then work as expected. You will then need to manually turn this setting off at the end of business on Wednesday. We have submitted an update to Apple which fixes the issue and will be available via the App Store in the coming days. 


Following the announcement of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme by the UK government, we have developed functionality to allow smooth adoption by businesses. Eligible businesses must have registered with HMRC prior to using this scheme.  

The new functionality in VestiPOS:

  • Automatically applies a 50% discount to every applicable sale
  • Discount capped at £10 per cover
  • Automatically restricted to Monday, Tuesday & Wednesdays between 3rd-31st August
  • VAT still charged at full rate (as per HMRC instructions)
  • Ability to exclude specific items from the promotion (e.g. Alcohol) 
  • Ability to apply it at terminal level, allowing cross-border accounts to use the functionality


  • We have made this functionality available on all subscription packages for no additional charge.
  • We are rolling this version out from Sunday 26th July. It typically takes up to 7-days for an update to be rolled out to all customers via the App Store. 
  • It requires Version 3.6.3-00412 or higher of the VestiPOS iOS App. You can check the version you are running from the bottom right corner of the Staff Login screen.


To enable this functionality:

  1. Check you are running version 3.6.3-00412 or higher of the VestiPOS iOS App
  2. Open the main Settings app on your iPad
  3. Open the VestiPOS section
  4. Go to the Eat Out to Help Out Voucher Scheme (UK) section
  5. Turn the Enabled switch to the on position

Important: You will need to perform the above steps on each terminal. This setting is local to the iPad. That means that if you reinstall the VestiPOS App you will need to enable it again. Likewise, if you switch VestiPOS accounts then the setting will not be automatically reset. 


Applying the Discount

When the functionality is enabled, the discount will be automatically applied to all sales that meet all the following criteria:

  1. Current date is [greater or equal to] than 3rd August
  2. Current date is [less or equal to] than 31st August
  3. Current weekday is [Monday] OR [Tuesday] OR [Wednesday]
  4. [Sale].[Number of Covers] is greater than 0

The discount is calculated by the lower of either:

  1. (Total of all items which do not have the [EOHO-Excluded] tag) - (Total of all discounts) * 50%
  2. [Sale].[Number of Covers] * £10.00

It is automatically recalculated each time the sale is adjusted and is shown on its own line on the EPOS screen:

Sale Covers (number of people)

You must set the number of covers for the discount to be applied. This is so the system can enforce the £10 per person voucher limit. You are prompted to enter the number of covers when a new table sale is started.

A number of our hospitality customers may not have previously used our covers functionality. If you do not use table maps, covers can also be set by:

  1. From the main EPOS screen tap the OOO functions button
  2. Tap Set Covers
  3. Enter the number of covers and tap the Save button

The system can also prompt for the number of covers at the start of each sale. To enable this:

  1. Check you are running version 3.6.3-00412 or higher of the VestiPOS iOS App
  2. Open the main Settings app on your iPad
  3. Open the VestiPOS section
  4. Go to the Eat Out to Help Out Voucher Scheme (UK) section
  5. Turn the Always Prompt for Covers switch to the on position

Disabling for a single sale

If you wish for the discount not to be applied to a specific sale then void the discount line. You can do this by swiping from right to left on the discount and tapping the VOID button. Once the line has been voided, the discount will no longer be calculated on each change to the sale. 


You can remove the date & day constraints. This is useful if you wish to test the functionality prior to it starting. 

  1. Open the main Settings app on your iPad
  2. Open the VestiPOS section
  3. Go to the Eat Out to Help Out Voucher Scheme (UK) section
  4. Turn the Override Date Settings (Not Recommended) switch to the on position

Important: This will apply the discount to all sales. We strongly recommend leaving this disabled apart from when testing. 

Excluding Products

You may need to opt out specific items (e.g. Alcohol) so they are not included in the discount calculation. You can do this by adding a EOHO-Excluded tag to these items. To add a tag to an item:

  1. Go to the Items List at https://portal.vestipos.com/items
  2. Select the item you wish to exclude
  3. In the tags field add a EOHO-Excluded tag
    You will need to click the "Create option EOHO-Excluded" dropdown option the first time
  4. Click the Save... button
  5. Perform a configuration update on all terminals to download your changes


For each day you’re using the scheme, HMRC require to you to keep records of the:

  • Total number of people who have used the scheme in your establishment
  • Total value of transactions under the scheme
  • Total amount of discounts you’ve given

You can find this information by running the Discounts Report