If you are unable to successful print a 'Test Print' within the VestiPOS app, then we need to establish if you are experiencing an environmental (network and/or hardware) or a VestiPOS configuration issue. By using the Star Micronics app you are able to establish if you are able to print from your iPad outside of VestiPOS.

For the test, use the Star Micronics “TSP100III Utility” app which is available from the App Store. Use the following procedure to check connectivity:

  1. Download the TSP100III Utility app from the App Store
  2. Open the App
  3. Select “destination device”
  4. Select your printer in the list 
  5. Press apply, and you will be sent back to the main TSP100III utility menu
  6. Press “Printer Test” to print

Success: If the test prints work, then attempt to print a test print within the VestiPOS app again. If this is still not working, then please print a configuration slip on your printer and open a support ticket with a picture attached.


Failure: If you are unable to print from the Star Micronics app, then this indicate a networking and/or printer issue outside of the VestiPOS app. Please refer to your network administrator or Star Micronics support for further assistance.