How do we setup stock tracking for a bottle of wine?

You could use our Standard stock tracking for this. However, if you are going to use a mix of recipe stock and standard stock items in the future then it's sometimes cleaner to avoid the Standard stock option so that everything is configured the same way. 

Assuming you already have the following setup in the Items section:

---> Item: White Burgundy

------> Item Option: 70cl Bottle

We would recommend configuring it like:

  1. Go to Stock Management -> Components -> New Stock Component
  2. Create a Stock Component called "1x 70cl Bottle White Burgundy"
  3. Go to Items and find the White Burgundy item which you sell
  4. Click on Stock button next to the 70cl Bottle option
  5. Switch on Track Stock
  6. Select Recipe
  7. Click Add Stock Component
  8. Select your 1x 70cl Bottle White Burgundy component in the drop down
  9. Set the Quantity field to 1 and click Save... (i.e. every time you sell this item, deduct 1 from stock)

Each time you now sell 1x of the White Burgundy -> 70cl Bottle item option the system will deduct 1x 70cl Bottle White Burgundy from stock.

How would we then setup individual glasses of wine?

You configure it in the same way as a bottle (see question above), except in step 9 set the quantity to the 3 decimal place portion of the bottle. E.g. if a glass is a 1/3 of a bottle then set the quantity to 0.333.

A few more examples are:

  • 250ml glass out of a 75cl bottle. Set the quantity to 250/750 = 0.333
  • 125ml glass out of a 75cl bottle. Set the quantity to 125/750 = 0.166
  • 25ml shot out of a 70cl bottle. Set the quantity to 25/700 = 0.036
  • 35ml shot out of a 70cl bottle. Set the quantity to 35/700 = 0.050
  • 50ml shot out of a 70cl bottle. Set the quantity to 50/700 = 0.071
  • 70ml shot out of a 70cl bottle. Set the quantity to 70/700 = 0.100

Note: You should only create the Stock Component once. So if you've already created it for the bottle, then skip steps 1 & 2 when setting up the glasses. 

Our GP is higher/lower than expected. What could cause this?

  1. Check wastage has not been correctly recorded.

  2. Check all sales have been correctly recorded.

  3. Check all orders have been correctly received.

  4. Check there are no items within the Audit Group which you are not tracking stock for (see below).

How can I exclude certain items from being counted towards sales in my GP report?

Ensure your Audit Group only includes items which you wish to include in your sales figure within the GP report. 

On the sales side is, the hierarchy in VestiPOS is:

---> Audit Group

------> Category Group

---------> Category

------------> Item

---------------> Item Option

And on the purchases side:

---> Audit Group

------> Category Group

---------> Category

------------> Stock Component

Therefore update the Audit Group on the Category Group assigned to the items you wish to exclude.

E.g. If you wish to track stock on wine sales, but not crisp sales you may could set this up like:

---> Audit Group: Drinks

------> Category Group: Bar (Stock Managed)

---------> Category: White Wine

------------> Item: Sauvignon Blanc

---------------> Item Option: 70cl Bottle

---> Audit Group: Excluded

------> Category Group: Bar (Not Stock Managed)

---------> Category: Snacks

------------> Item: Salted Crisps

---------------> Item Option: Packet