In Q1 & Q2 of 2020 we are rolling out our new Serverless Multi Terminal Mode (previously called Multi Terminal V4) to our hospitality customers. This removes the reliance on an active internet connection back to VestiPOS servers within a hospitality environment. In addition, it offers a significant speed improvement when opening and saving tables as the data is now communicated within your local network.

Whats changing?

Currently VestiPOS has Standalone and Multi-Terminal modes whereby:


  • Standalone: All the sales are kept local on each iPad. Worked the same without internet connectivity. However couldn’t use multiple terminals.
  • Multi-TerminalAll the sales are kept in our cloud. Stopped working without internet connectivity but could use multiple terminals. 


Serverless Multi Terminal Mode combines and replaces these two modes. This is the best of both worlds… 

A single iPad acts as a host with other terminals connecting directly to it. It allows you to have a full multi-terminal table mode which is fully functional during an internet (and/or platform) outage. Here is a quick diagram which shows the difference between the old modes and the new one which it replaces:



What happens if the internet connection (not the wifi) goes down?

As the iPads connect to a host terminal over the local network, then you will not notice if an internet outage occurs. Open tables, printers and KDS all continue to function as normal. Once the internet is restored, then the host iPad will automatically sync any completed sales back to the VestiPOS cloud. 


I'm assuming there's still a standalone mode?

As our table map now works over the local connection, we’ve removed the requirement for this. This simplifies configuration for all users.


Can the iPads and printers/KDS systems still talk to each other?

Yes. As the local network will still be operating, everything continues to work as normal. 


If my router stops working too can they talk to each other via built in WiFi?

No. They will need to connect to a router for the localhost connection. It’s not possible for the iPad’s to communicate via a mesh-network.

When can I start using this?

We are currently testing this with a small number of BETA users. You can register your interest for the BETA trial at

We are targeting a general release in late Q1 / early Q2 2020. We will communicate with all customers via email ahead of any roll out.