Every business will suffer an Internet outage at some point during trading. This guide is designed to explain how to operate VestiPOS and give you our top tips during any outage to minimise the impact it has on your business. VestiPOS has been designed with offline support to handle internet outages. Nearly all the functionality will work seamlessly when there is an internet outage and your sales will automatically sync once the internet connection is restored.

Printers (Ethernet)

When using Ethernet printers, your iPad connects via Wi-Fi to your router to communicate to them.

When the internet goes down, your router should continue to work for local devices. So even without the internet, the iPads will be able to communicate with your printers and cash drawers.

Top Tip: We've experienced issues previously where budget ISP supplied routers behave unpredictably during an internet outage. We strongly recommend (not only for VestiPOS) using a business grade router.


Printers (Bluetooth & USB)

Bluetooth and USB printers are not impacted by internet outages.


We recommend performing periodic testing on your disaster recovery plans. You can simulate an internet outage by disconnecting the DSL cable from your router.


The following functionality requires an active internet connection and will not work when operating offline:


  • Closing sessions and performing the end of day. If you have a long-term outage we suggest tethering your iPad to your mobile phone temporarily to perform the end of day. We use minimal data to send this process.
  • Customer account transactions.
  • “Server Mode” Multi-Terminal Mode. Please go to “Settings” and switch your terminal mode to “Stand-alone”. If you have multiple VestiPOS terminals this means the table map will be independent on each terminal.
  • iZettle & Payment Express integrations.
  • Twilio integrated phone system.