We are aware of an issue with version 3.6.0 of our App which is causing any change payments to incorrectly report. We have submitted an update to Apple which resolves the problem and we are awaiting for them to release it.

Please note, there is no data loss caused by this issue. Your sales totals are still correct. 

You will see the issue when looking at the reconciliation or individual sale payments. 

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We'll keep you updated as we have updates from our technical team.


[2019-12-03 @ 15.08 GMT] Issue identified.

[2019-12-03 @ 16.32 GMT] We are currently working through the backlog of existing sales to correct the underlying data. We expect this to be completed in the coming hours. 

[2019-12-03 @ 17.46 GMT] All previous sales/reconciliations processed should now be reporting correctly. Please note, sales processed between now and Apple approving our update will experience the same issue - we will run the fix again at 9am tomorrow to fix sales/reconciliations processed this evening. 

[2019-12-04 @ 00:31 GMT] Apple approved and released our update (version 3.6.1) which fixes the underlying issue. We advise all customer to update to this version as soon as possible. 

[2019-12-04 @ 10:01 GMT] We have fixed the underlying data from overnight sales. Customers who have updated to 3.6.1 should experience no further issues.