To set up our iZettle integration: 

  1. Create a new Payment Type called: iZettle
    It's case sensitive and must be entered exactly as above.
    Please see our Payment Types support guide for further instructions.

  2. Update your VestiPOS iPad App:
    Menu -> Update -> Start Sync

  3.  Process a sale as normal. Select iZettle when adding payment. On your first transaction you'll be prompted to login to you iZettle account. 


Common Issues

Please see the following guide on the iZettle site for common issues:

Other / Still can't fix it?

Call iZettle on 0203 699 9934 (UK) / 0971 07 07 03 (France) for technical support. Lines open 9:00 am - 5:00 pm on weekdays.

When contacting them them know you are using VestiPOS integrated with the iZettle SDK.