PaymentSense Pay at Counter is a fast, smart way for your business to take payments. As part of our integrated payments service, Pay at Counter creates a secure, connection between VestiPOS and your card machine. This means you can cut queues and minimise mistakes, keeping your customers happy and coming back again and again. 

Setting up your terminal

When ordering your terminal, make PaymentSense aware you would like it integrated to VestiPOS. If we introduced you then they'll already be aware of this. This allows us to set everything up so it's ready to go as soon as your terminal is delivered. Once you receive your terminal:

  1. Connect your terminal's base to your router using the supplied Ethernet cable
  2. Connect your terminal's base to the power using the supplied cable
  3. Perform a configuration update within your VestiPOS app
  4. Fully power your iPad off
  5. Perform a TMS Call on your Payment Sense terminal by:
    1. Press the "MENU" button twice
    2. Select the "SUPERVISOR" option
    3. Enter supervisor password and press the "Enter" button (Default: 123456 OR 01483)
    4. Press the "MENU" button
    5. Select the "CALL TMS" option
    6. Wait for your terminal to return to showing the "PaymentSense" logo. This can take several minutes

  6. Once the TMS call is completed, turn your iPad on

  7. Open the VestiPOS app, your integration in now complete

Switched to PaymentSense? If you've previously used your VestiPOS account with another card provider then you should disable your old payment type via the Management Portal at "Settings -> Configuration -> Payments & Tax -> {select old payment type} -> Edit" and switch "Active" to off. You will then need to perform a configuration update within the VestiPOS app. 

Note: Be aware that you'll be prompted to set your supervisor PIN on the terminal when you process your first non-contactless payment. 

Top Tip: We recommend processing a real transaction to test the integration and then process a refund back to the same card.

Taking a payment

  1. Process a sale as normal within VestiPOS
  2. Select "Add Payment -> PaymentSense -> Confirm"
    Tip: You can simply tap the card icon in the bottom right of the main EPOS screen to charge the full amount
  3. If you have multiple PaymentSense terminals, you will be prompted to select which terminal you wish to process the transaction on
  4. VestiPOS will automatically send the transaction details to your terminal and the customer can then choose their preferred method of card payment
    Note: Chip and Pin and Contactless card payments are considered the fastest and most secure ways to pay.
  5. Follow the instructions on the terminal to complete the transaction
  6. For contactless payments of £30/€30 and under, a customer receipt will not automatically be printed. It’s easy to print off a duplicate receipt by pressing F1 on the card machine after the transaction.

How to take Mail Order and Telephone Payments

  1. In VestiPOS, process a sale as normal and charge it to the PaymentSense payment type as outlined above
  2. VestiPOS will automatically send the transaction details to your terminal
  3. Press MENU on the terminal
  4. Key in the card details and other information required as per the instructions on the screen


You can also process refunds directly from your till. It will send the refund information to the card terminal for the customer to present their card and claim their refund. 

End of Day

Once we've configured your PaymentSense integration, you'll see a new line within your VestiPOS reconciliations which represents any PaymentSense transactions. Once you've started using your PaymentSense terminal you should perform the following steps on a daily basis:

  1. Close the session as normal through the VestiPOS App
  2. Go to: "Menu -> End of Day" and select the session you have just closed
  3. Tap the "Perform EOD" button shown on the PaymentSense line

This will perform the End of Day process on the PaymentSense terminal. You should store the printed slip for your records. Once complete, then actual processed card transactions will automatically be shown within the VestiPOS app. If there are any unexpected variances then please reach out to our support team for further assistance. 

Turn off EPOS integration (standalone mode)

Like all machines, sometimes problems can occur. But business needn’t stop. Keep taking payments by putting your card machine into standalone mode. This means your card machine will still work, but you’ll need to manually enter the transaction information. 

  1. First, press F4 
  2. Key in your supervisor password and press ENTER
  3. Turn standalone ON. The card machine will display ‘STANDALONE ON’
  4. Press and hold cancel to restart the card machine. When the card machine restarts, you should be able to key in an amount straight from the home screen
  5. To re-enable integrated mode, follow the same steps, just selecting STANDALONE OFF at step 3


PaymentSense not showing as a payment option
  1. Perform a configuration update in VestiPOS (Menu -> Update -> Start Sync)
  2. Fully power your iPad off
  3. Power your iPad back on

If it's still not showing then please contact VestiPOS support on +44(0)207 112 8662.

Terminal not turning on or screen not

lighting up

  1. Unplug power, wait for ten seconds and then reconnect.
  2. Check all cables are firmly connected or battery pack is firmly in place.
  3. Check internet or phone line is working.

Terminal won’t connect to process

a payment


  1. Hold down the clear button and the punctuation button (below the 9 key) simultaneously for 3-5 seconds, until the terminal turns off.
  2. Once off, hold the enter button until the terminal powers on again.
  3. Try the transaction again.


  1. Unplug terminal from Power Socket and Ethernet Port on the router.
  2. Restart router.
  3. Once router is restarted, plug terminal back into Power Socket and Ethernet Port on the router

Alert interruption message on terminalContact us and we’ll put you in touch with the terminal manufacturer.

Other / Still can't fix it?

Call PaymentSense on 0800 103 2959 (UK) / (01) 696 8393 (ROI) for 24/7 technical support.

If their technical team are unable to fix the problem, they will order a replacement terminal within 24 hours (UK) / 48 hours (ROI) (excluding weekends). Please note, some geographical exclusions apply.