Your browser is configured to keep a local copy of the files (code, images etc.) which make up the VestiPOS Management Portal. This speeds up page loading as you don't have to download all the files each time you change page. 

Periodically your browser will download the latest files from our server. Occasionally, you may not wish to wait for this occur, in which case you need to clear these local files. 

Force Refresh

In most situations, asking your browser to do a "forced refresh" will be sufficient to get the latest files.

To perform this, load the VestiPOS Management Portal in your browser and:

  • Mac OSX & Chrome: Shift+Command+R
  • Mac OSX & Safari: Shift+Command+R
  • Windows & Chrome: Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5
  • Windows & Edge: You will need to clear your browser's cache

Clear Cache

If the changes still don't appear please clear your browser's cache. Please consult your browsers support guides for instructions.