If you have existing customer, item and stock data you need imported into VestiPOS we are happy to help you with this. Simply fill out the attached Data Import Template and we will get it uploaded for you.

The attached Data Import Template is the format you need to send your Item, Contact and Stock Component data over to us in, so we are able to upload it to your VestiPOS account. This article will go through each upload property so you have a full understanding of which each means, and what it where it will appear in the VestiPOS system.

Items Upload

Items are all the products you sell. Below are the definitions of each property so you can fill this out effectively:

Item Name* - The name of the item. 

EG: Latte

Item Option Name* - The sizes or types this item can come in. If your item does not have options then write this as "Standard".

EG: Small

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) - A unique identifier of this item that can help you track your inventory more effectively. This is optional.


Barcode - A machine readable unique code that is associated with the item that can be scanned to help process items faster and better track stock. This is optional.

EG: 12345678

Category Group* - The highest level of Reporting Category, so have a very broad description like "Food" and "Drinks".

EG: Drinks

Category* - The next level of Reporting Category. This will be slightly more specific like "Coffee", "Soft Drinks", "Wine" etc.

EG: Coffee

Receipt Name - This is how the item appears of the Customer Receipt.

EG: Latte(Small)

Order Slip Group Name - This defines which printer the item gets sent to and is the name of the title the item will come under on the Order Slip. 

EG: Hot Drinks

Order Slip Name - How the item appears on the Order Slip. 

EG: Latte(Small)

Price Type* - There are 3 options for this: Fixed (the price is set and unchanging), Prompt (the till will ask you to put in a variable price when you click on this item), Weight (items that are weighed at the POS)

EG: Fixed OR Prompt OR Weight

Tax Code Name* - This is where you define if an Item has tax set-up on it.  

EG: UK VAT(20%)

Sale Price (inc. Tax)* - The price of the Item including tax.

EG: £3

Loyalty Points Earned* -  The number of loyalty points a customer will receive for buying the product.

EG: 1

Loyalty Points Redeemed*  - The number of loyalty points a customer needs to get a freebie.

EG: 10

Please note that if you have Items which have multiple tax rates on them, simply duplicate the item, but change the Tax Code Name accordingly.

Contacts Upload

Contacts are people associated with your business, be it customers to suppliers. Below are definitions of which upload property is:

Type* - The relationship the contact has with your business.

EG: Customer

Identifier - A unique account code for contact.

EG: eV2e909cxs

Receive Email - Has the customer given you permission to send email marketing to them?


Receive Phone - Has the customer given you permission to send phone marketing to them?


Receive Post - Has the customer given you permission to send postal marketing to them?


Email Receipts Does the customer want to receive automated email receipts?


Credit Account - Do you offer this customer credit?


Allowed Negative Balance - What is the credit limit for this customer?

EG: £500

Current Balance - Outstanding credit on the customer's account.

EG: £0

Please fill out the other fields as necessary like Email, Personal information, Address information etc.

Stock Components

Stock Components are individual physical goods that you stock, they make up Component Packs. Below are definitions of which upload property is:

Component Name* - The name of the stock component

EG: 750ml Pinot Grigio

Category Group* The highest Stock Management reporting category.

EG: Wet Purchases

Category* - The next level down of stock reporting category.

EG: Bar

Supplier Name* - What supplied do you purchase this from?

EG: Brakes Ltd

Supplier Reference - How do you refer to this product with your supplier?

EG: 750mlPinot

Show on Order From* - If you purchase this item directly then write TRUE so that it shows on the order form. If you purchase this item only in packs then leave as FALSE.


Tax Code Name* - What Tax Rate do you get charged when purchasing this component?

EG: UK VAT (20%)

Cost - The purchasing cost (excluding tax) of the component.

EG: £3.75