Gift vouchers are a great way to allow customers to share their love for your store with their friends and family. 

The first step is to order some gift vouchers online. As a hint, you can get some customisable ones that suit your brand at VistaPrint. It's a good idea to order vouchers with a variety of values, for instance some £10, some £20, some £50 and some £100 ones. This will give your customers a good choice to offer as a present.

To set this up on VestiPOS:

1. Navigate to the Items page on the Management Portal and click "Add a new item". Name the Item "Gift Voucher" and select the reporting category you want it to show in.

2. Add Options with the values of Gift Voucher that you need ie: £5, £10, £20. And input the price as the value of the voucher.

3. Navigate to Settings, then Register Designer and your relevant till. Add a new button and link it to the item you just created. 

4. On the Management Portal navigate to Settings, then Configuration, then Payment & Tax. Add a new Payment Type and call it "Gift Voucher". Make sure this Payment Type is active. You can choose whether or not someone can get change from this voucher when they do not use the whole amount.

5. Then on the iPad app go to Menu and Update Configuration.

Now when customers come in to buy a Gift Voucher charge them using the "Gift Voucher" Item button, cashing it off as card or cash (depending on how they want to pay). Then when a customer comes in to the store to use the Gift Voucher to buy something, simply cash the sale off as a "Gift Voucher" Payment Type.