Once an item is added to the sale table it is possible to edit it. Tapping on the item in the sales table will bring up the screen below. Here you can add notes, change the quantity, reprice or void the item.

Item Notes

It is possible to add notes to the item. Common order notes can be set in the register template section of the management portal. Notes will show on the order receipt and can optionally be shown on the customers receipt.Please see our Quick Notes article for information on how to create frequently used notes.

Change Quantity

If you have multiple of an item, you can change the quantity here. Use the keypad proved to put the number of items you have and press 'Change Quantity'.

Reprice Item

To reprice an item select the 'reprice' option. The following screen will appear. Enter the item price using the key pad and check it in the 'New Price' box. There are also quick buttons to reduce the price by 10%, 20% and 50%. Once you have the correct price, click 'Reprice' and the item on the sales table will be updated.

Void Item

Select the item from the sales table, click 'Void' and a confirmation message will appear. Select 'Void' again and this will remove the item from the sales table.