In addition to posting a reconciliation from your iPad, you can also post your figures from the management portal. This is particularly useful if where you count your cash is in a different location from your terminals.

Posting your reconciliation totals

  1. Navigate to: End Of Day
  2. Select the reconciliation you wish to complete.

  3. This will open the reconciliation detail screen. From here you can view the expected values for each of your tender types. Enter your actual counted values in the actual column:

  4. You will be able to see your variances by tender type and an over variance figure.
  5. Once you have entered all your actual figures and are happy with any variances press the "Post Reconciliation" button.

Investigating reconciliation variances

It's possible to see all transactions within a reconciliation. Using this you can see how the expected values are calculated to help spot any potential errors.

  1. Go to the reconciliation detail screen by navigating to "End Of Day" and selecting the relevant reconciliation.

  2. Next to each tender type you can click on the magnifying glass to see the transaction breakdown.

Correcting Mistakes

If you post an End of Day, it's possible to still make adjustments through the Management Portal. Go to the End of Day screen for the reconciliation and click the "Re-open Reconciliation" button. You then need to follow the steps above to post the reconciliation as normal.

Important: If you use our Accountancy Integrations then re-opening a reconciliation and posting it again may cause duplications in your accountancy software. When re-opening a reconciliation in VestiPOS, you will need to manually void any associated payments & invoices in your accounting software.