A credit account allows you to record account payments against a customer account. You can also set a credit limit on a customer account to support deferred payments. Some examples of where you may use credit accounts are:

  • A retail store that allows a customer to pay for all their goods at the end of the month.
  • A restaurant that wants to record deposit payment against a customer. The deposit can then be later redeemed against a sale.
  • A coffee shop which wants to operate a top-up account. The customer can load their account with credit and then charge all their sales to their account.



To use customer accounts you must first:

  1. Create a Payment Type called "Account". Note: the name is case sensitive and must exactly match.
  2. Create an Item called "Account".
  3. Create an Option under the "Account" Item called "Top-Up".
  4. The SKU of the Option must be set to "ACCOUNTTOPUP".


Creating a Credit Account

  1. Create a customer account by following our guide here.
  2. Set the "Credit Account" switch to On.

  3. Press the "Save..." button.


Negative Balances

To allow a negative balance on an account, set the "Credit Limit" field on the customer account to the allowed limit. For example, to allow the customer to be £100.00 in credit set the value to 100.00.

Charging a Sale to a Credit Account

  1. Start a new sale
  2. Add the items which you wish to charge to the customer account
  3. Assign the sale to the customer account you wish to charge against (see Customers guide)
  4. Tap the “Add Payment” button.
  5. Tap the "Account" button.

  6. Enter the amount you wish to charge to the customers account and tap "Confirm".


Top-Up a Credit Account

  1. Start a new sale
  2. Tap the “+ Add Customer” button
  3. Search for the customer account you wish to top-up
  4. Tap the "Details >" button
  5. Tap the "ooo" button in the top right
  6. Tap the "Top-Up Credit Account" button
  7. When prompted enter the amount which you are crediting the account by

  8. Tap the “Add Payment” button and complete as if it were a normal sale

Important: Do not other any other items to a sale when processing a top-up.


  • You can view all the customer transactions in a given period by running the "Account Transactions" report.