If you sell add-ons with a particular item then you should use Modifiers to link them items. Some examples of where you would use Modifiers:

  • Restaurant: Extra's when selling coffee. E.g. charging extra for Soya milk.
  • Restaurant: Additional burger or pizza toppings.
  • Retail: An extended warranty/insurance policy for an item
  • Retail: An additional charge for printing a name on a sports shirt

When you sell an item with linked modifiers the cashier will be presented with a list of linked modifiers. Tapping the required modifiers will add them to the sale. 

Creating a Modifier

As an example, we will create a burger with customisable toppings. A perfect scenario for using modifiers! First, create the following items:

  • Item: Burger
    • Option: Single
    • Option: Double
  • Item: Burger Toppings
    • Option: Cheese
    • Option: Bacon
    • Option: Mushrooms

Please see our guide on creating Itemsguide for the steps required to create these items.Once you have setup the required items we can link them together using modifiers.

  1. Navigate to: Items -> Burger.

  2. Open the Modifiers tab.

  3. Click the "+ Link New Item" button.

  4. Select the "Burger Toppings" item from the drop down.
  5. Click the "Link Item" button.

  6. Switch on the toggles for the modifier options you wish to link to this item.

  7. Your modifiers are now successfully linked.


Deleting a Modifier

  1. Navigate to: Items.
  2. Select the item you wish to remove the modifier from.

  3. Open the Modifiers tab.

  4. Switch off the toggle(s) for the options you not longer wish to be linked.