If you haven't already, please read our Stock Management Introduction article first. 


It's possible to track the stock for an item that is made up of one or more components. An example of where you may wish to do this:

  • Restaurant: A drink made up of multiple ingredients
  • Restaurant: A glass of wine where you purchase wine in bottles
  • Restaurant: Food dishes where you wish to track the ingredients
  • Retail: A set of golf clubs where you also sell the clubs individually
  • Retail: A product where you buy the good separately but sell them together

If the item you wish to track the stock of is not made up of multiple components then please see our Configure Stock Tracking (Standard) article.

Creating Components

  1. Navigate to: Stock Management -> Components.
  2. Click the "+ New Stock Component" button.

  3. Populate for the form fields as required.

  4. Press the "Save..." button.
  5. Repeat the above steps for each component.

Configure a Stock Tracking Recipe

  1. Navigate to: Items.
  2. Select the item you wish to track the stock for.

  3. Click the stock button next to the option you wish to configure.

  4. Switch the Track Stock field to On.
  5. Set the Stock Type to Recipe.

  6. Repeat the following steps for each component that makes up this item:
    1. Click the "+ Add Stock Component" button.
    2. Select the stock component.
    3. Enter multiplier value in the Quantity field. This is the amount of the item you use to make each item.

  7. Press the "Save..." button.
  8. Your item is now successfully configured.