Top Tip: If you haven't already, please read our Stock Management Introduction article first.


This article covers how to configure stock tracking for your items. If your items are made up of multiple components, please read our Configure Stock Tracking (Recipe) guide.

Configure a Stock Tracking

  1. Navigate to: Items.
  2. Select the item you wish to track the stock for.

  3. Click the stock button next to the option you wish to configure.
  4. Switch the Track Stock field to On.
  5. Set the Stock Type to Standard.
  6. Set required form fields:Purchase Category - the category purchases of this component should be reported against.Supplier - the supplier you purchase this component from.Supplier Reference - optionally log the supplier's order code for the component.Tax Code - The tax rate applied to purchases of this component.Cost - The cost (excl. tax) to purchase this component.

  7. Press the "Save..." button.
  8. Stock tracking for the selected option is now configured.

The system will automatically have created a Stock Component in the background.

Viewing Stock Levels

  1. Navigate to: Stock Management -> Components.
  2. Select the stock component you would like to view the stock level of.

  3. Open the "Stock Levels" tab.

  4. You will see a row for each location configured in your account. The 'On Hand' value is what you should physically have available in each location.