Top Tip: If you haven't already, please read our Stock Management Introduction article first.


If you purchase your Stock Components in packs from your supplier then you can setup the packs within the system. Examples where this may happen:

  • Restaurant: You stock bottles of wine which you purchase by the case.
  • Retail: You stock T-Shirts individually but you purchase them in packs of 10 from your supplier.

You must first create your stock component. Please see our stock component guide if you haven't yet done this.

Create a Stock Component Pack

  1. Navigate to: Stock Management -> Components.
  2. Select the component you wish to create the pack for.

  3. Open the "Packs" tab.

  4. Click the "+ New Pack" button.

  5. Populate the form fields:
    Name - The name for the stock pack. E.g. "6x 75cl Bottles ABC Red Wine".
    Supplier Reference - Optionally set the supplier's order reference for the pack.
    Cost - The total purchase cost (excl. tax) of the pack.
    Pack Size - The number of units that make up the pack. E.g. 6 for a 6 bottle case of wine.

  6. Click the "Save..." button.
  7. You have successfully created a stock pack. It will now show on your order form for the supplier.