Top Tip: If you haven't already, please read our Stock Management Introduction article first.


When you purchase stock from a supplier you should process the order through the system. This allows the system to keep an accurate record of your stock holding.

Creating an Order

  1. Navigate to: Stock Management -> Orders.
  2. Click on the "+ New Order" button in the top right of the screen.

  3. Select the location where the order is for.
  4. Select the supplier that the order is for.

  5. Press the "Create Order..." button.
  6. Set the ordered quantities for the required components.

  7. Press the "Place Order..." button.

Your order is now pending in the system. When you physically receive the goods follow the steps below.

Receiving an Order

The goods your supplier actually delivers may differ from what you ordered. Receiving an order allows you to record and changes to ensure the stock information in the system is accurate.

  1. Navigate to: Stock Management -> Orders.
  2. Select the order you wish to receive.

  3. If there are any adjustments from what was originally ordered, to what has been physically delivered, then update the 'Received' column to the correct number of items.
  4. Click the "Receive Order..." button.

Your stock will now have been updated with the received quantities.Note: It's not possible to reverse a stock order. Please ensure the figures are correct before processing.

Voiding an Order

If you cancel an order after processing it, you can void it within the system. Once an order has been recorded as received it's not possible to void an order.

  1. Navigate to: Stock Management -> Orders.
  2. Select the order you wish to void.

  3. Click the "Void Order..." button.