Mail Chimp is the leading marketing email platform. Our integration syncs your customer and sale information through to Mail Chimp to allow you to send automated emails or targeted email campaigns. Some examples of what can be achieved with this integration are:
  • Automatically subscribe your customers to a newsletter mailing list.
  • Send targeted promotional emails to customers based on their previous purchases.
  • Win back lapsed customers. Create an email or series of emails to encourage lapsed customers to return to your store or re-engage with your campaigns. Showcase your latest products to customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while, or offer an incentive to potential customers who have signed up for your list but haven’t bought an item from your store just yet.
  • Sending automated follow-up emails after a purchase.

Configure Mail Chimp

Before proceeding you'll need to do the following within your Mail Chimp account:
  1. Create a "List" to add your customers to. See Mail Chimp's guide here.
  2. Find the "List ID". See Mail Chimp's guide here.
  3. Find your Mail Chimp API key. See Mail Chimp's guide here.
Next, you'll need to add this information to your account.
  1. Navigate to: Settings -> Integrations -> Mail Chimp.
  2. Switch the "Enabled" switch to On.
  3. Enter the "API Key" you retrieved from your Mail Chimp account.
  4. Enter the "List ID" you retrieved from your Mail Chimp account.
  5. Enter a unique "Store ID". We recommend using "vestipos_1".
  6. Press the "Save..." button.
Your Mail Chimp account is now linked. From now on:
  • When you add/edit any customers within VestiPOS these will automatically sync to the configured list in your Mail Chimp account.
  • If a customer record has the "Receive Email" switch on then the customer will be marked as "Subscribed" in Mail Chimp.
  • When you process a sale which is linked to a customer this will automatically be synced to Mail Chimp.
The following Mail Chimp articles should be consulted to set up any emails you wish to send: