Staff log into the iPad terminals using a unique PIN number. PIN numbers can be shared and compromised when used frequently. VestiPOS Secure Access are an alternative login method where additional security is required. Each staff member is assigned a unique card which must be held up to the iPad in order to sign on. This offers a quick and simple way to access your VestiPOS system whilst removing the insecurities of using PIN numbers


Packs of Secure Access cards (and accessories) can be ordered from the VestiPOS online store. Cards will automatically be assigned to your account when dispatched.

Assign a secure access card to a user

  1. Navigate to: Settings -> Users
  2. Select the user which you wish to configure a secure access card for.

  3. Open the "Secure Access" tab.

  4. Select the serial number of the card you wish to assign to the user.

  5. Press the "Save..." button.

Configuring secure access on your iPad

  1. Sign on as a user with register manager privileges.
  2. Tap on the main menu icon.
  3. Tap the "Settings" button.
  4. Turn the "Secure Access" switch on.
  5. Return to the staff sign on screen.
  6. If prompted allow access to your camera.
  7. To sign on, hold the QR code on the secure access card approximately 5-10cm from the camera on the iPad. Once the card is successfully detected, it will automatically sign in the user it is assigned to.