We have built in support for the Socket Mobile 7 series barcode scanners. Using a barcode scanner you can quickly and accurately add items to a sale.

Connect your barcode scanner

  1. Power on your scanner by pressing the small power button on the top.
  2. Print and scan the barcode below.
  3. The scanner will beep 3 times to confirm it's successfully configured.
  4. On your iPad open the 'Settings' App.
  5. Navigate to the 'Bluetooth' section. Switch Bluetooth on if not already on.
  6. Once it has located your scanner, tap it to connect to it.
  7. You have now successfully connected your scanner.
  8. Open the VestiPOS app, sign on as a staff member and go to the main sales screen. Scan a barcode with your scanner and the item should be added to the sale. Note: You need to set the barcode field against the relevant item option in your inventory configuration.

Sleep Mode

After a period of inactivity, your scanner will go into sleep mode to conserve battery. Simply power on the scanner and within 30 seconds it should automatically reconnect and be available to use.

Factory reset your barcode scanner

To factory reset your scanner, print and scan the following barcode.