Creating an account in VestiPOS is easy. All you need is the business name, address, an email address and a mobile phone for the verification process.


Click here to register. Enter your company name, email address, choose a password and click 'sign up now'. The email address and password you use will be required to log into VestiPOS in the future.

Setup Wizard

Completing registration will take you into our setup wizard.Step 1 - Company information - Fill in the fields with the information about your company.Step 2 - Store Setup - Enter the information for your first store. We have some tax rates and payment types automatically set up to allow you to get started quicker. Adding other tax rates and payment types can be done once you have completed the wizard. For more information, have a look at our help guides.Verification - enter a valid mobile number and a 6 digit verification number will be texted to you. Enter this into the box to verify your account.