To participate in the VestiPOS V3 BETA program please email support@vestipos.com requesting an invitation. Once we have available space in the program we will be in contact.

To upgrade your iPad app

[ht_message mstyle="alert" title="Important" show_icon="true" id="" class="" style="" ]If you have multiple terminals, then you must update all terminals at the same time. You will need a separate invitation for each terminal before proceeding.[/ht_message]
  1. Ensure you have received your invitation from Apple.Subject: VestiPOS LTD has invited you to test "VestiPOS | Point of Sale"From: no_reply@email.apple.com
  2. Open the VestiPOS App.
  3. Sign on as a user with the Register Manager security privilege.
  4. Navigate to Main Menu -> Settings -> About
  5. Ensure that "In Progress Sales" and "Sync Pending" are set to 0.
    • If "In Progress Sales" is not 0 then you will need to void any open sales.
    • If "Sync Pending" is not set to 0 then process an empty sale by pressing the "Add Payment" button from the sale screen.IMPORTANT: Do not proceed unless these two parameters are at 0.
  6. Follow the "View inTestFlight" link in your invitation email.
  7. When prompted, download the TestFlight app. This is an Apple app which allows us to send out early access.
  8. From within the newly downloadedTestFlight app, download (or update) the VestiPOS app.
  9. Once downloaded and installed, open the VestiPOS app.
  10. Congratulations you have now completed the installation! Please process a blank sale and email support@vestipos.com (or contact us through the messenger) so we can check everything has gone through successfully.
  11. Please test your printer works. You may need to configure your printers following the steps in our printer setup guide.
[ht_message mstyle="success" title="Feedback" show_icon="true" id="" class="" style="" ]If you experience any issues (no matter how small) please report them as soon as possible to support@vestipos.com or using the in app messenger. [/ht_message]