Each physical restaurant or store within your business should be configured as a Location.

Creating a Location

  1. Navigate to: Settings -> Locations.
  2. Click the "+ Add Location" button.
  3. Give your location a descriptive name. E.g. Old Street.
  4. Enter the address and contact information. Note that the information entered will be printed on any customer receipts issued from this location.
  5. Click the "Save..." button.

Editing a Location

  1. Navigate to: Settings -> Locations.
  2. Select the Location you wish to update.
  3. Update the Location as required.
  4. Click the "Save..." button.

Location Coordinates

You can optionally add the exact coordinates of each location within your account.
If set, we use the exact location to:
  • Record the current weather for each sale. We currently do not utilise this data but in the future may look to find trends in your sales data. For example, dynamically improving your stock ordering based on weather forecasting.
  • If you are using our Loyalty iOS Wallet Store Cards, we use the location to show your store card on your customer's lock screen when they are nearby.
Please see the following Google support guide to learn how to find the coordinates of a location using Google Maps: https://support.google.com/maps/answer/18539