You can record your customer information within the system. You can then record sales against a customer in order to build up an accurate audit record.Our Mail Chimp Integration guide also covers how you can utilise your customer database for email marketing.

Creating a Customer (via portal)

  1. Navigate to: Customers.
  2. Click the "+ Add Customer" button.

  3. Enter the required fields for your customer.

  4. You must also assign a unique identifier code for the customer. E.g. ABC123Z. If you already have membership cards then you may wish to use this to store the barcode number of the customer.
  5. Press the "Save..." button.

It's also possible to create a customer from the iOS application.Read our article on Credit Accounts in you wish to enable account transactions.

Editing a Customer

  1. Navigate to: Customers.
  2. Select the Customer you wish to update.
  3. Update the Customer as required.
  4. Press the "Save..." button.

Assigning a Sale to a Customer

  1. From the "Sale Screen" tap the "+ Add Customer" button.
  2. Enter your customer name, phone number, email address of identifier in the search box
  3. Tap the search button
  4. Select the correct customer from the table
  5. Tap the "ooo" button in the top right of the customer detail screen
  6. Tap the "Link to Current Sale" button
  7. The sale is now successfully assigned to the customer. The customer details will print on the receipt and be visible when viewing the sale in the management portal.